Theme Studio Download

Thank you for downloading the Theme Studio.

FileMaker 10/11 > Download Theme Studio (.fp7 format)
FileMaker 12 > Download Theme Studio (.fmp12 format)

1. Download the Theme Studio and watch the short 5 minute video within the Theme Studio software - if you want to - (it will show when you first launch the software)!
2. Create an account to access Theme Pack content (watch the video in step 1 or see note below)
3. Enter your login information into the Theme Studio & download Theme Packs

NOTE: In order to access some of the content, you must create an account on this site. You can do this within the Theme Studio by clicking the blue question mark icon in the upper right hand corner. Once in this screen you’ll click the My Account link next to the sidebar area.


If you’ve been using the Theme Studio with a version prior to 1.1.0 for .fp7 you’ll need to update your copy of the Theme Studio. All of your content within the Storage.fp7 is saved. However, simply converting the file by dragging it on to FileMaker 12 will not provide the expected results. In particular, any copied layout elements within a container are converted by FileMaker into images. This means you’ll need to re-download any purchased theme packs. In order to convert your own, you’ll need to place these within a FileMaker file (in Layout mode) then convert the file and re-insert them into the FileMaker 12 version of the Theme Studio.

Unfortunately, this is not something we can control. Also, in order to connect to the web site to download new content your version must be higher than indicated above within this section. You can always check that you have the right versions by looking at the header in the Settings area (gear icon in upper right hand corner). The ThemeStudio plugin version should be 2.01 or higher.


It’s been reported that using the Security setting FileVault in the System Preferences will not allow the Theme Studio to import Theme Packs. The immediate fix is to not place the Theme Studio folder within your Home directory. Put it within /Users/Shared or on another disk.


In some cases, the ThemeStudio plugin, required by the Theme Studio database, will not install (often due to a missing folder). You can manually install the plugin by following the steps on the manual plugin installation page. FileMaker 12 also added a new feature in the Plug-Ins area of FileMaker’s settings. The option is a checkbox labeled Allow Solutions to Install Files. This can either be enabled temporarily on first run of the Theme Studio or the plugin can be manually enabled.

What is the Theme Studio?

If you’ve not heard from us about the Theme Studio then take a look at some of our videos