Times have changed and so have we!

Unfortunately, we've come to the hard decision of discontinuing the ThemeStudio product for the FileMaker Pro/Advanced platform. It has served it's purpose and it did it well.

The content provided within the ThemeStudio will still be usable and available as long as the file can be opened and used within FileMaker Pro/Advanced. Make note of the information below if you're a current user of the Theme Studio.

Attention Macintosh Users: The Theme Studio was created at a time when Java was installed by default within OS X / macOS. If you are seeing the following dialog then you'll need to install the Legacy version of Java 6. The ThemeStudio plug-in will not function without the legacy Java being installed.
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Uninstalling the ThemeStudio Plug-in

For Macintosh users, the ThemeStudio plug-in, which is installed by the ThemeStudio, will need to be removed if you don't want to run the Legacy version of Java 6. Should you decide to remove the plug-in, you can follow the information below.

You'll find the plug-in within a dedicated folder. The following link has information about the possible folders where the plug-in could be located. FileMaker provides multiple locations where a plug-in can be installed.


Legacy Java 6 requirement

This information is for Macintosh users. The ThemeStudio was created at a time when Apple included Java by default. As time moved on, Java was removed from the default install of macOS.

There is no harm in leaving the Legacy Java 6 install on your Macintosh. In fact, if you're trying to get an older version of the Theme Studio running then you may need to install it. You can find it here.

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