FileMaker's Layout Mode will never be the same!

Attention current owners of the Theme Studio. We’ve updated the product to support FileMaker Pro 12 - but it requires a new download. We’ve changed how things work on the backend. This means you need to download a newer copy of the Theme Studio. You can do this on the Downloads page. If you are still using FileMaker Pro 10/11, you can simply replace the Theme Studio.fp7 file and keep your older Storage.fp7 file. For FileMaker 12 content you will need to re-download because FileMaker’s own conversion simply turns layout elements into pictures.

The ThemeStudio plugin within FileMaker’s preferences MUST BE 2.01 or higher in order to connect!

It’s a revolution - and we’re revolutionaries!”

The Theme Studio for FileMaker is the first FileMaker product to offer centralized management, distribution and manipulation of most everything you can think of related to working in FileMaker’s Layout Mode.

Icons, Layouts, Layout Elements (Objects), Colors & a powerful Tweak tool for FileMaker 12

We’ve covered all the bases and it’s simply something you just have to see.

Fortunately, the download is free and you can instantly enjoy a growing collection of free icons for use in your FileMaker projects.

Get started today and go download it!

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