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"I simply wanted more control over the design process in FileMaker"

While jumping from one FileMaker solution to another, it was obviously a pain point, as I had graphics files spread all over my computer. Where – was – that graphics file? Did I create that one in Illustrator or Sketch? Why can't I find the file? What the heck did I name it? Which file had that cool looking warning icon?

These were all the types of questions I was asking as I fumbled around looking for the resources I needed to create my next fabulous FileMaker Layout design.

"Wait, why am not storing these resources within FileMaker?" Why keep the files scattered around my hard drive?

The answer to this dilemma was the Theme Studio.
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Integrated tools and project storage - plain & simple

As I started shoving all my graphics files and various layout elements into container fields, I quickly realized it would be much faster if I could just compose and optimize new icons right there in FileMaker without having to leave my familiar development environment. As so it was...

Save time by working entirely within FileMaker

The normal workflow of compositing images, icons and bringing together various Layout elements always takes time. When using the Theme Studio's streamlined workflow, you can get the job done faster. Taking the trip to an external graphics program may not be necessary and you move seamlessly from the Theme Studio, a FileMaker file itself, right into your own layout.
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Edit & compose icons easily

The integrated tool suite within the Theme Studio allows you to perform routine tasks such as editing and composing new icons easily. If drag-n-drop is your type of workflow, then you'll be right at home within the Theme Studio. Whether it's creating a new PNG composed of various other icons or changing the color on a simple monochromatic SVG icon, the Icon Studio keeps you within FileMaker – saving valuable time.

Optimize your graphics

Not all graphics are created equal and smart developers know this. It's all too easy to add that bloated PNG file into your FileMaker Layout. With the integrated Optimize button, your user interface icons will be as small as possible without sacrificing quality.

Right after you find the ideal icon, you simply choose the size and optimize. It's mere button clicks away from heading right into your own FileMaker layout.
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Centralized project storage

Very few FileMaker developers end up working on one solution alone. The frequent question of "Oh, can it do this?" is always answered with a new project or added enhancements. The Theme Studio is a FileMaker database. It keeps your individual projects neat and organized. Need a new variation of that smaller icon? Just create and use your own resources within the Theme Studio.

Use it locally or via FileMaker Server

Working within a team environment? Host the Theme Studio database and share all your project resources across the team. Need to share that new icon creation? Tell your team mate to log into the Theme Studio and simply grab what they need.

Not using FileMaker Server? Share your resources private or publicly via distributable files called ThemePacks. When you need a new look for your new project you can simply purchase new themes via the integrated Shop section within the Theme Studio.
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Reduce your overall design time

Creating new Layout themes from scratch is an enjoyable task for anyone who enjoys the process. For those who don't, simply start in the Layouts section of the Theme Studio. Export a Theme File and import into your own FileMaker solution.

Need just a single part of a given layout? Simply drag-n-drop from the Theme Studio into your own layout. Take any part or piece and make it part of your own layout.

Within the Shop section of the Theme Studio you can browse or search for new themes as they are made available.

Go beyond the boundaries of the Inspector

FileMaker's powerful Layout Inspector provides a wide range of tools for changing how layout objects look and act. Beyond the Inspector palette you can discover the hidden secrets of how far you can take FileMaker's CSS implementation. The Tweak tool within the Theme Studio offers direct access to FileMaker's open clipboard format. Need icons on tabs? How about changing individual border colors? Yep, you can do it.

By simply selecting text within your captured clipboard, you can search for specific areas where you can modify individual settings not exposed through the Inspector tool.
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